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Santiago Costantino

Costantino, Santiago

Associate professor


Université de Montréal

Research Axes

Vision health

Contact information

Phone: 514-252-3400, poste4958


  • Charles Bélanger Nzakimuena
  • Loïc Binan
  • Yasmine Boudraa
  • Nicolas Desjardins Lecavalier
  • Joannie Roy
  • Diane Noël Sayah

With a PhD in physics, Santiago Costantino is the director of the Biophotonics Research Unit. Santiago Costantino’s biophysics work is based on biomedical research applications of the science of lasers and microscopy. He is also an associate professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Université de Montréal.

Research Unit


Research interests

Our laboratory specializes in biophotonics, which is at the intersection between biology and optical physics. Our projects are varied but focus on two main areas: 1) surface or membrane functionalization and 2) optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the retina. We specialize in image analysis in both areas. Our team is a successful mix of biologists, physicists, engineers and eye specialists.

In microscopy, we are developing methods to visualize and develop artificial microenvironments for applications in cell biology. We manufacture protein patterns for cell guidance using optical methods, and we are working to develop cellular nanosurgery on axons.

In macroscopy, we are working on femtosecond laser applications for eye surgery. We are developing methods to improve the spatial accuracy of laser dissection and optimize the parameters of the femtosecond lasers used in corneal transplantation.


  • CIHR
  • CRS
  • FRQS
  • CSA – NASA
  • L. Binan, F. Bélanger, J-F. Lemay, J-C. Pelletier-De Koninck JC, J. Roy, E. Drobetsky, H. Wurtele, S. Costantino. “Opto-magnetic capture of individual cells based on visual phenotype” eLife Apr 10;8 (2019). PMID: 30969169
    More detail
  • P. Ghesquière, A.Elsherbiny, E. Fortier, M. McQuaid, J. Mazzaferri, F. Bélanger, F. Cheriet, E. Drobetsky, H. Wurtele, S. Costantino. “An open-source implementation for fully automated quantification of DNA fibers” DNA Repair Feb;74:26-37(2019). PMID: 30665830

    More detail
  • J. Mazzaferri, B. Larrivee, B. Cakir, P. Sapieha, S. Costantino. “A machine learning approach for automated assessment of retinal vasculature in the oxygen induced retinopathy model” Scientific Reports. Mar 2;8(1):3916 (2018). PMID: 29500375

    More detail
  • J. Roy, J. Mazzaferri, J. Filep, S. Costantino. “A Haptotaxis Assay for Neutrophils using Optical Patterning and a High-content Approach” Scientific Reports. Jun 6;7(1):2869 (2017). PMID: 28588217
    More detail
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    More detail
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    More detail
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    More detail
  • J. Mazzaferri, J. Roy, S. Lefrancois, S. Costantino. “Adaptive settings for the nearest-neighbor particle tracking algorithm” Bioinformatics. 31(8): 1279-85.(2015). PMID: 25480371

    More detail
  • K. Singh, C. Dion, M. Wajszilber, T. Ozaki, M.R. Lesk, S. Costantino. “Measurement of ocular fundus pulsation in healthy subjects using a novel Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography” Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Nov 21;52(12) (2011). PMID: 21969303
    More detail
  • J.M. Bélisle, D. Kunik, S. Costantino. “Rapid multicomponent optical protein patterning” Lab Chip. Dec 21;9(24):3580-5. (2009). PMID: 20024039

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  • Postdoctoral fellowship in biophysics

    Université McGill, Montréal

  • PhD in physics

    Université de Buenos Aires, Argentine

  • MSc in physics

    University of Buenos Aires, Argentina