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Nursing - oncology sector

This research unit’s goal is to develop and implement solutions to optimize health care and services for cancer survivors so that they can return to and maintain an active social life.

The main goal of the unit’s program is to increase the ability of cancer survivors to take charge of their health post-treatment.

The specific goals are to:

  1. Understand and describe cancer survivors’ health literacy when it comes to self-care/self-management
  2. With users (cancer survivors, researchers, health professionals, managers, training experts), develop interdisciplinary interventions to help cancer patients develop their literacy and apply what they have learned.
  3. Test interprofessional interventions and validate the applicability of these practices in real-world settings. The unit’s work also includes experiential learning for patients and health care professionals, interprofessional interventions to support cancer survivorship, as well as the post-cancer return-to-work process.

The unit’s research interests include:

  • Experiential knowledge of patients and health professionals
  • Health literacy
  • Returning to an active social life after cancer
  • Oncology rehabilitation
  • Cancer care and services
  • Patient-centred research strategy


Karine Bilodeau, RN, Ph.D.

Professionnels de recherche

Asma Fadhlaoui
Cynthia Henriksen