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Hélène Boisjoly

Boisjoly, Hélène

Full Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


Université de Montréal

Research Axes

Vision health

Contact information

Phone: 514-252-3400, poste4966

Dr. Hélène Boisjoly is an ophthalmologist, a full professor in the Department of Ophthalmology, and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Université de Montréal. A specialist in corneal transplantation, Dr. Boisjoly has created a number of funds for research and teaching. In 2019, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. She is a member of the Order of Canada. 

Research Unit

Research interests

  • Immunology of corneal transplantation and rejection risk factors.
  • Viral diseases, such as ocular herpes.
  • Wound healing, outcomes related to sight and function for patients with chronic eye diseases and patients who have had cataract and corneal surgery.
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  • Popescu ML, Boisjoly H, Schmaltz H, Kergoat MJ, Rousseau J, Moghadaszadeh S, Djafari F, Freeman EE. Explaining the Relationship between Three Eye Diseases and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults. Invest Ophtalmol Vis Sci, April 2012; 53(4): 2308-2313.
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  • Doctor of Medicine

    Université de Sherbrooke

  • FRCS ophthalmology

    Université de Sherbrooke

  • Postdoctoral fellowship

    Harvard University

  • Master of Public Health

    Johns Hopkins University


  • 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award  (Canadian Ophtalmological Society)
  • 2018 Member  (Order of Canada)
  • 2014 Chair of the Board of Directors  (Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada)