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Chromatin Structure and Cellular Senescence

Research interests

  • Investigate the role of lysine methylation in senescence and cancer by studying the JUMONJI family of lysine demethylases.
  • The regulatory mechanisms of lysine demethylases as well as the biological role of demethylation during different cellular processes including proliferation, transcriptional regulation, the DNA damage response, and tumorigenesis.
  • Identify new therapeutic targets to treat cancer. To achieve this goal, the laboratory integrates different systems and approaches [in genomics (ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and microarray chips), proteomics (MS/MS), cytology (fluorescent microscopy, immunohistochemical markers), and genetics (cell and mouse lines)] to elucidate the role of demethylases in different biological pathways.
  • Analyze the effects of the deregulated expression of demethylases on heterochromatin formation during oncogene-induced senescence (a tumour suppression mechanism).
  • Determine the signalling pathways regulated by demethylases and their role in cell transformation.