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Researcher Casimiro Gerarduzzi recipient of a grant to support young researchers from the Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network

Dr Casimiro Gerarduzzi, Ph. D., Principal Investigator in the Renal Fibrosis Research Unit at the Centre de recherche de l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont and Assistant Grant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Université de Montréal, is the recent recipient of a $ 15,000 grant as part of the support program for young researchers: mentoring and 2021-2024 intercentre project of the Cardiometabolic Health, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network (CMDO). This competition was aimed at young researchers working in research in Quebec at the start of their careers in order to promote their integration into the CMDO Network and the Canadian research community.

The project submitted as part of this competition, The reparative effect of SMOC2 on epithelial cells in diabetic nephropathy, will be carried out under the mentorship of Dr Sylvie Lesage, Ph. D., also researcher and scientific director of CR-HMR and Dr Pedro Geraldes, Ph. D., from the Centre de recherché du CHUS.

“I am very happy that Dr. Gerarduzzi, a promising researcher, is the recipient of this program to support young researchers,” says Dr. Lesage. In addition, it is with great honor that I will accompany him, along with Dr Geraldes, in carrying out his research project as a mentor. I wish her all the best in her pursuit of her work,”she adds.

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The CMDO Research Network aims to develop research in cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity, to translate knowledge and to promote evidence for improving the health and quality of life of Quebecers.